Winter Symposium on Chemometrics (WSC) is an international scientific event held under the aegis of the Russian Chemometrics Society. It covers a wide area of modern methods and applications of multivariate data analysis, including quantitative and qualitative analysis, PAT, theory of sampling, experimental design, image analysis, QSAR/ QSPR, and others.

From the beginning, the organizers have attempted to achieve, and hopefully attained, an optimal balance between theoretical aspects of data analysis and their practical applications. The conference brings together both academic scientists and industrial experts, providing many opportunities for personal contacts and fruitful discussions.

Traditionally, WSC is very friendly to young scientists and those beginning to carve their way in data analysis. Students’ research works neighbor presentations of experienced chemometricians. Since 2005 special prizes to the best poster and the best talk presented by young(er) participants have been awarded.

WSC is the first and the only conference on chemometrics in Russia. The conference was created as a part of the Drushbametrics project established about 10 years ago by a small group of enthusiasts from Russia and Scandinavia. The main objectives of Drushbametrics were dissemination and popularization of chemometrics in Russia, as well as establishment of a bridge connecting Russian scientists to the international chemometric community. During seven previous conferences held in Russia since 2002, WSC has been recognized internationally for its solid scientific content and intensive social program.

The social and cultural program is what makes the conference unique. Each conference day is concluded with the famous “Scores & Loadings” gathering where communication continues in a less formal manner.