The Eleventh Winter Symposium on Chemometrics took place at the recreation center Aurora, in beautiful place surrounded by forest and lakes not far from Saint Petersburg. About 60 scientists from 11 countries contributed to the scientific part of the symposium with excellent presentations.

Pre-conference activities included the traditional weekend school on Chemometrics for Russian speaking scientists and students as well as workshop “TOS variography – a missing link in MSPC and PAT” given by professor Kim Esbensen. Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University hosted both events.

Following traditions, selected contributions to the symposium and their authors have been awarded with various prizes. The first prize for the best poster presentation took Ivan Krylov (Russia). He was awarded with free participation in Copenhagen School of Chemometrics CSC-2018. The second prize — R. Brereton's book "Chemometrics: Data Driven Extraction for Science, 2nd Edition" — was given to Anita Rácz (Hungary). The third place took Paolo Oliveri (Italy). His award is the book Chemometrics in Excel by Alexey Pomerantsev.

The prize for best oral or poster presentation of a young scientist was given to David Bajusz (Hungary). He received a voucher for free participating in CAC 2018 from the CAC organising committee.