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  • P10.

    XRF with chemometric data processing for analysis of iron oxidation state

    Panchuk Vitaly
    abstract (87.0 KB)
  • P11.

    Methodological aspects of application of peak evaluation techniques

    Larionova Ekaterina, Romanenko Sergei
    abstract (58.3 KB)
  • P12.

    The identification of motor oils using differential voltammetry and SIMCA

    Sidelnikov Artem, Bikmeev Denis
    abstract (44.4 KB)
  • P13.

    Soil classification for forensic purpose by using scanning electron microscopy with X-ray analyzer, color analysis and chemometrics

    Talavera Isneri
    abstract (59.3 KB)
  • P16.

    Chemometric approach to identification of polyethylene by FT-IR/ATR spectroscopy

    Zarubin Aleksey
    abstract (81.8 KB)
  • P17.

    Selection of optimal regression algorithm for steel analysis by Laser- Induced Breakdown Spectrometry

    Zaytsev Sergey, Labutin Timur
    abstract (74.6 KB)