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  • T14.

    Resolution of overlapped peaks in stripping voltametry with stepwise mathematical resolution method

    Cherednik Ekaterina, Romanenko Sergei, Shekhovtsova Nataliya
    abstract (57.1 KB)
  • P01.

    The study of voltammetric behavior of the electrode/engine oil/marker system using PCA and PLS

    Bikmeev Denis, Sidelnikov Artem
    abstract (47.6 KB)
  • P02.

    Efficiency of «reactor-regenerator» system joint work in synthetic detergents manufacturing enhancing use of mathematical modeling methods

    Dolganova Irena
    abstract (62.0 KB)
  • P03.

    Fiber optical ATR-IR spectroscopic analyzer of oil-contaminated soil

    Ermakov Vasiliy, Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (56.7 KB)
  • P04.

    Calibration transfer for electronic tongue

    Khaydukova Maria, Kirsanov Dmitry
    abstract (75.6 KB) presentation (1.9 MB)
  • P05.

    Usage of a cubic polynomial Bernstein-Bezier for describing a curvilinear baseline in inversion voltammetry

    Kuznetsov Vitaliy, Romanenko Sergei
    abstract (35.7 KB)
  • P06.

    Recognition of the emission spectra of laser-induced plasma by their correlation with modeled one

    Labutin Timur
  • P07.

    Comparison of various chemometric techniques for quantitative analysis in complex industrial solutions

    Oleneva Ekaterina, Kirsanov Dmitry
    abstract (73.8 KB)
  • P08.

    Optimum discretization of velocity scale in Mossbauer spectrum measurements

    Panchuk Vitaly
    abstract (83.2 KB)
  • P09.

    Software package for processing and modeling of the nuclear gamma resonance spectra

    Panchuk Vitaly
    abstract (72.6 KB)