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  • T04.

    Potentiometric multisensor sytem for clinical diagnostics of urolithiasis

    Yaroshenko Irina, Kirsanov Dmitry
    abstract (60.1 KB)
  • T05.

    Presentation of CSort company

    Savinkov Maxim
  • T06.

    Selecting optimal spectral regions for sensor analysis

    Galyanin Vladislav, Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (72.1 KB)
  • T07.

    Morphology assessment of polymer hydrogels using multivariate analysis of viscoelastic and swelling properties

    Karpushkin Evgeny, Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (68.2 KB) presentation (4.5 MB)
  • T08.

    Estimation of corrosion parameters for metals in oxygen containing molten salts by methods of interval analysis

    Kumkov Sergey
    abstract (84.7 KB) presentation (197.2 KB)
  • T09.

    Modeling of fat and protein content in raw milk based on historical spectroscopic data

    Melenteva Anastasiia, Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (74.9 KB)
  • T10.

    Possible Improvements to Multivariate Curve Resolution with Particle Swarm Optimisation: Estimation of Rotation Ambiguity

    Skvortsov Alexej
    abstract (72.1 KB)
  • T11.

    Identifying bioactive signature in natural products through chromatographic fingerprint

    Xu Qingsong
    abstract (3.4 MB)
  • T12.

    Macrolevel study of Russian Science Citation Index using PCA for Interval-Valued Data

    Zhilin Sergey
    abstract (78.8 KB) presentation (2.7 MB)
  • T13.

    The results of solving tasks of medical diagnosis for dental patients on the basis of chemometrics methods

    Delakova Ekaterina
    abstract (77.0 KB)