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  • T11.

    Identification of unknown organic compounds based on comparison of electron ionization mass spectra

    Samokhin Andrey
    abstract (56.4 KB) presentation (959.0 KB)
  • T12.

    Chemometrics for the resolution of time-­resolved spectra in photochemistry

    Ruckebusch Cyril
    abstract (57.9 KB) presentation (2.9 MB)
  • T13.

    The informativeness of the experiment in inverse problems of chemical kinetics and health insurance

    Spivak Semen
    abstract (52.4 KB) presentation (376.5 KB)
  • T14.

    Successive Bayesian Estimation as a tool for chemometric modelling of kinetic data

    Pomerantsev Alexey
    abstract (166.8 KB) presentation (1.0 MB)
  • T15.

    The thermospectroscopic noninvasive glucometer

    Kryvenko Sergey
    abstract (59.9 KB) presentation (1.7 MB)
  • T16.

    Robust SIMCA bearing on non-robust PCA

    Rodionova Oxana, Pomerantsev Alexey
    abstract (69.3 KB) presentation (1.3 MB)
  • T17.

    Practical Implementation of Chemometrics in OMNIC Program Set

    Tikhomirov Sergey
    abstract (55.1 KB) presentation (777.0 KB)
  • T18.

    Generative Topographic Maps (GTM) as a universal tool for data visualization, applicability domain analysis, structure-­‐activity modeling and comparison of databases

    Kireeva Natalia
    abstract (65.6 KB)
  • T19.

    The impact of interchromosomal associations on the functional state of the human genome

    Khrameeva Ekaterina, Gelfand Mikhail
    abstract (65.0 KB) presentation (1.8 MB)
  • T20.

    Age changes and tissue differences of alternative splicing in the primate brain

    Mazin Pavel, Gelfand Mikhail
    abstract (66.2 KB) presentation (951.7 KB)