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  • P23.

    Chemometric modelling of apple quality with spectroscopy

    Travers Sylvia, Kucheryavskiy Sergey
    abstract (56.0 KB)
  • P24.

    ICA algorithms in IR spectroscopic analysis of complex mixtures

    Tsikin Alexey, Monakhova Yulia
    abstract (64.0 KB) presentation (1.2 MB)
  • P25.

    Process fault detection and diagnosis with use of Kalman filters

    Vorobiev Nicolay, Rusinov Leon
    abstract (58.2 KB)
  • P26.

    Use of spectrometry in near-­‐infrared region and chemometrics for organic material quality control

    Vostroknutova Elena
    abstract (60.8 KB)
  • P27.

    Implementation of the web-­based flow-­oriented approach to the process control and optimization

    Zontov Yury, Pomerantsev Alexey, Rodionova Oxana
    abstract (73.9 KB) presentation (5.1 MB)
  • P28.

    A new use of target factor analysis (TFA)

    Kalivas John
    abstract (55.7 KB) presentation (388.2 KB)
  • P29.

    Rapid identification of imitation cheese and imitation ice cream based on vegetable fat using NMR spectroscopy and chemometrics

    Monakhova Yulia
    abstract (62.6 KB) presentation (456.0 KB)
  • P30.

    Mathematical programming method as a means of NIR analyzers calibration

    Sushkova Maria
    abstract (64.7 KB)