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  • P03.

    Modeling of potentiometric multisensor array dynamic response in flow-through system with 3wayPLS regression

    Blinova Yulia, Kirsanov Dmitry
    abstract (67.1 KB)
  • P04.

    Phenomenological modeling of complexonometric titration curves with photometric end-point detection

    Cherednik Ekaterina
    abstract (84.2 KB)
  • P05.

    Process fault detection and diagnosis with use of discriminant analysis

    Galiaskarov Marat, Rusinov Leon
    abstract (56.4 KB) presentation (383.9 KB)
  • P06.

    Application of scanning probe spectroscopy in monitoring of oil pollution

    Guryanova Alena, Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (60.5 KB)
  • P07.

    The differentiation of oil sludge depositories depending on their resource potential

    Ilyushina Ekaterina, Bogomolov Andrey, Guryanova Alena
    abstract (54.4 KB)
  • P08.

    Detection of amino acids in solutions by an “electronic eye” system

    Kalach Andrew
    abstract (56.4 KB)
  • P09.

    Different validation modes for PLS models in prediction of rare earth metals in complex mixtures by potentiometric multisensor system

    Khaydukova Maria, Kirsanov Dmitry
    abstract (63.7 KB) presentation (15.4 MB)
  • P10.

    A study of spatial structure of 137Cs contamination in natural conjugated landscapes: fractal stability and dynamics

    Korobova Elena
    abstract (61.5 KB)
  • P11.

    Spectroscopy for secondary students: exploring the limits of analysis at home

    Marks Christopher
    abstract (58.0 KB) presentation (8.5 MB)
  • P12.

    Quantitative Analysis of Milk with Vis/SW-­‐NIR Spectroscopy

    Melenteva Anastasiia, Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (58.9 KB) presentation (145.9 KB)