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  • Chernetsova Elena

    Institute of Nutritional Science

    Giessen, Germany
    • T03.

      Characterization of propolis using planar chromatography, direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry and multivariate data analysis

      abstract (63.8 KB)
  • Edelman Gerda

    Academisch Medisch Centrum
    PhD student
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • T08.

      Identification and age estimation of blood stains on coloured backgrounds by near infrared spectroscopy

      abstract (60.3 KB) presentation (5.6 MB)
  • Esbensen Kim

    Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
    Research professor
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Janos Elek

    Analab Ltd.
    Scientific advisor
    Debrecen, Hungary
    • T05.

      Principal Component Analysis of an XI-­‐XV century silver coins’ XRF dataset and verification by additional multilinear methods

      abstract (60.7 KB) presentation (1.4 MB)
  • Kalambet Yuri

    Ampersand Ltd.
    General director
    Moscow, Russia
  • Khrameeva Ekaterina

    Institute of Information Transmission Problems RAS
    Moscow, Russia
    • T19.

      The impact of interchromosomal associations on the functional state of the human genome

      abstract (65.0 KB) presentation (1.8 MB)
  • Kireeva Natalia

    Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
    Research associate
    Moscow, Russia
    • T18.

      Generative Topographic Maps (GTM) as a universal tool for data visualization, applicability domain analysis, structure-­‐activity modeling and comparison of databases

      abstract (65.6 KB)
  • Kirsanov Dmitry

    Saint Petersburg State University
    Senior researcher
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • T04.

      3wayPLS modeling of potentiometric multisensor system response for quantification of bitter taste in pharmaceuticals

      abstract (64.3 KB)
    • P03.

      Modeling of potentiometric multisensor array dynamic response in flow-through system with 3wayPLS regression (Coauthor)

    • P09.

      Different validation modes for PLS models in prediction of rare earth metals in complex mixtures by potentiometric multisensor system (Coauthor)

  • Kryvenko Sergey

    BioPromin Ltd.
    Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Kucheryavskiy Sergey

    Aalborg University
    Associate professor
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    • T02.

      Classification of objects on hyperspectral images

      abstract (58.5 KB) presentation (16.4 MB)
    • P23.

      Chemometric modelling of apple quality with spectroscopy (Coauthor)