• Bogomolov Andrey

    J&M Analytik AG

    Essingen, Germany
    • L02.

      Multivariate process trajectories

      abstract (54.3 KB) presentation (66.6 MB)
    • P06.

      Application of scanning probe spectroscopy in monitoring of oil pollution (Coauthor)

    • P07.

      The differentiation of oil sludge depositories depending on their resource potential (Coauthor)

    • P12.

      Quantitative Analysis of Milk with Vis/SW-­‐NIR Spectroscopy (Coauthor)

  • Buydens Lutgarde

    Radboud University Nijmegen
    Nijmegen, Netherlands
    • L05.

      Strategies for the fusion of complex data

      abstract (57.7 KB)
  • Kalivas John

    Idaho State Univeristy
    Pocatello, USA
    • L03.

      Consensus multivariate calibration or maintenance without reference samples using Tikhonov type regularization approaches

      abstract (56.5 KB) presentation (2.1 MB)
    • P28.

      A new use of target factor analysis (TFA)

      abstract (55.7 KB) presentation (388.2 KB)
  • Marini Federico

    Sapienza University of Rome
    Rome, Italy
    • L01.

      Coupling NIR and chemometrics for food and drug analysis

      abstract (55.0 KB) presentation (8.8 MB)
  • Smilde Age

    University of Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • L06.

      Metabolomics based systems biology

      abstract (51.7 KB)
  • Walczak Beata

    University of Silesia
    Katowice, Poland
    • L04.

      Dealing with nonlinearities

      abstract (58.7 KB)