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  • Rodionova Oxana

    Institute of Chemical Physics RAS
    Leading researcher
    Moscow, Russia
    • T16.

      Robust SIMCA bearing on non-robust PCA

      abstract (69.3 KB) presentation (1.3 MB)
    • P27.

      Implementation of the web-­based flow-­oriented approach to the process control and optimization (Coauthor)

  • Ruckebusch Cyril

    Lille1 University
    Associate professor
    Lille, France
    • T12.

      Chemometrics for the resolution of time-­resolved spectra in photochemistry

      abstract (57.9 KB) presentation (2.9 MB)
  • Rusinov Leon

    Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • T10.

      Fault diagnosis in chemical processes and equipment with feedback

      abstract (62.2 KB) presentation (2.0 MB)
    • P05.

      Process fault detection and diagnosis with use of discriminant analysis (Coauthor)

    • P25.

      Process fault detection and diagnosis with use of Kalman filters (Coauthor)

  • Samokhin Andrey

    Moscow State University
    PhD student
    Moscow, Russia
    • T11.

      Identification of unknown organic compounds based on comparison of electron ionization mass spectra

      abstract (56.4 KB) presentation (959.0 KB)
  • Shelpakova Anna

    Omsk State University
    Omsk, Russia
    • P17.

      Calibration set design for MLR methods in spectrophotometric analysis of multicomponent mixtures

      abstract (64.9 KB)
    • P18.

      Spectrophotometric analysis of mixtures containing microcomponents with PLS

      abstract (62.2 KB)
  • Sinkov Nikolai

    University of Alberta
    Alberta, Canada
    • P20.

      Application of Chemometric tools to Identification of Ignitable Liquids in Simulated Arson Debris

      abstract (63.3 KB)
  • Skvortsov Alexej

    Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University
    Associate professor
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • P21.

      Handling Rank Deficiency in UV/Vis Spectra from Kinetic Studies by Various Multivariate Curve Resolution Techniques

      abstract (72.5 KB) presentation (1.0 MB)
  • Smilde Age

    University of Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • L06.

      Metabolomics based systems biology

      abstract (51.7 KB)
  • Sovyn Olena

    Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
    PhD student
    Lviv, Ukraine
  • Spivak Semen

    Bashkir State University
    Ufa, Russia
    • T13.

      The informativeness of the experiment in inverse problems of chemical kinetics and health insurance

      abstract (52.4 KB) presentation (376.5 KB)
    • P19.

      Path modeling of complex chemical reactions using graph theory

      abstract (58.6 KB)