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  • Marini Federico

    Sapienza University of Rome
    Rome, Italy
    • L01.

      Coupling NIR and chemometrics for food and drug analysis

      abstract (55.0 KB) presentation (8.8 MB)
  • Marks Christopher

    Richmond, USA
    • P11.

      Spectroscopy for secondary students: exploring the limits of analysis at home

      abstract (58.0 KB) presentation (8.5 MB)
  • Mazin Pavel

    Institute of Information Transmission Problems RAS
    Moscow, Russia
    • T20.

      Age changes and tissue differences of alternative splicing in the primate brain

      abstract (66.2 KB) presentation (951.7 KB)
  • Melenteva Anastasiia

    Samara State Technical University
    PhD student
    Samara, Russia
    • P12.

      Quantitative Analysis of Milk with Vis/SW-­‐NIR Spectroscopy

      abstract (58.9 KB) presentation (145.9 KB)
  • Mesonzhnik Natalia

    Moscow Antidoping Center
    Senior research assistant
    Moscow, Russia
    • P13.

      Multivariate Analysis in Combination with Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry as a Model for Prediction of 3-Ketosteroids' and Corticosteroids' Structures

      abstract (66.3 KB) presentation (664.5 KB)
    • P14.

      Detecting unexpected drugs of abuse using UPLC­‐HRMS in combination with multivariate analysis

      abstract (69.4 KB) presentation (390.7 KB)
  • Mikhailov Igor

    Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS

    Moscow, Russia
  • Monakhova Yulia

    Karlsruhe, Germany
    • T21.

      NMR and Chemometrics: a powerful combination for food analysis

      abstract (70.6 KB) presentation (12.0 MB)
    • P29.

      Rapid identification of imitation cheese and imitation ice cream based on vegetable fat using NMR spectroscopy and chemometrics

      abstract (62.6 KB) presentation (456.0 KB)
    • P24.

      ICA algorithms in IR spectroscopic analysis of complex mixtures (Coauthor)

  • Mordashev Vladimir

    Russian Scientific Centre “Kurchatov Institute”
    Senior research assistant
    Moscow, Russia
    • P15.

      Data mining adequate visibility model for “black box”

      abstract (141.9 KB)
  • Nuzhdin Pavel

    Altai State University
    Barnaul, Russia
    • P16.

      Calculating Principle Components Regression in MapReduce architecture

      abstract (60.1 KB) presentation (3.5 MB)
  • Pomerantsev Alexey

    Institute of Chemical Physics RAS
    Leading researcher
    Moscow, Russia
    • T14.

      Successive Bayesian Estimation as a tool for chemometric modelling of kinetic data

      abstract (166.8 KB) presentation (1.0 MB)
    • T16.

      Robust SIMCA bearing on non-robust PCA (Coauthor)

    • P27.

      Implementation of the web-­based flow-­oriented approach to the process control and optimization (Coauthor)