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  • P32.

    Determining of general water hardness by digital image-based titration

    Cherednik Ekaterina
  • P33.

    Improved process understanding of solid dosage formulations through spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis

    Christensen Niels Peter Aae
  • P34.

    Processing of mass-spectrometer’s signals utilizing integrated spectral analysis in adaptive basis

    Mannoylov Vladimir
  • P35.

    Chemometric investigation of polarization curves

    Marks Christopher
  • P36.

    Comparative assessment of different chemometrics techniques in multicomponent determination of metals without preliminary separation

    Monakhova Yulia
  • P37.

    Statistical data evaluation for trace element analysis in nuclear safeguards

    Penkin Maxim
  • P38.

    Intelligent monitoring subsystem of information security with mandatory access control

    Sokolova Svetlana
  • P39.

    Application of chemometrics method and constant stoichiometry groupings concept to the Raman spectra of lead metaphospate — TeO2 glasses

    Marusina Inna, Derkachova Olga, Markova Tatiana, Yanush Oleg
  • P40.

    Using infrared spectroscopy and principal component regression for study of the bleaching and ageing influence on paper brightness

    Dynina Alena
  • P41.

    Mathematical models and frequency histograms as a tool to study the structure of geochemical fields

    Korobova Elena