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  • T16.

    Straight-line calibration if both variables are subject to error

    Vago Emese
    presentation (545.1 KB)
  • T17.

    Another proof that chemometrics is usable: NIR confirmed by HPLC-DAD-MS and CE-UV

    Rodionova Oxana, Pomerantsev Alexey
    abstract (85.8 KB) presentation (1.1 MB)
  • T18.

    Quality control for large-scale LC-MS studies at runtime

    Jankevics Andris
    abstract (84.2 KB)
  • T19.

    Simultaneous processing of data from multiple sources

    Stanimirova Ivana
    abstract (97.3 KB)
  • T20.

    The impact of metrology on chemometrics — a historical challenge

    Heydorn Kaj
    abstract (73.7 KB) presentation (734.7 KB)
  • T21.

    Calibration set design in spectrophotometric analysis of multicomponent mixtures

    Shelpakova Anna, Vlasova Irina
    abstract (104.7 KB) presentation (2.0 MB)
  • T22.

    Comparison of methods and models by consensus

    Heberger Karoly
    abstract (103.1 KB) presentation (140.9 KB)
  • T23.

    Application of principal component analysis for extraction of pure mass spectra from gas chromatography/mass spectrometry data

    Samokhin Andrey
    abstract (96.1 KB) presentation (800.3 KB)
  • T24.

    Message from the EE department: calibration of multivariate measurements is easy

    Marbach Ralf
    abstract (79.1 KB) presentation (948.5 KB)
  • P01.

    Estimation of volume fractions in two-phase flow systems based on acoustic chemometric

    Arvoh Benjamin Kaku, Halstensen Maths