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  • Marusina Inna

    Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers
    PhD student
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • P39.

      Application of chemometrics method and constant stoichiometry groupings concept to the Raman spectra of lead metaphospate — TeO2 glasses

  • Mazina Jekaterina

    Tallinn University of Technology
    Tallinn, Estonia
  • Minkkinen Pentti

    Lappeenranta University of Technology
    Lappeenranta, Finland
    • T14.

      Comparison of independent process analytical measurements — a variographic study

      abstract (96.0 KB) presentation (654.9 KB)
  • Monakhova Yulia

    Saratov State University
    PhD student
    Saratov, Russia
    • T07.

      Analysis of complex mixtures using self-modeling decomposition of different spectral data

      abstract (92.6 KB) presentation (863.3 KB)
    • P36.

      Comparative assessment of different chemometrics techniques in multicomponent determination of metals without preliminary separation

  • Nikolaev Fedor

    JSC “Leading institute “VNIPIET”
    Senior scientific employee
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • P42.

      Using the neuron network based classification technique for modeling the nuclear power plant water chemistry

  • Novikov Lev

    Institute of Analytical Instrumentation RAS
    Leading researcher
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • P11.

      Instrument-oriented wavelets for data-processing of the analytical devices

  • Paul Sylvia

    University of South Africa
    Pretoria, South Africa
    • T03.

      The study of the interaction between dimethyl formamide and water in binary mixtures by means of Raman spectroscopy and chemometric techniques

      abstract (75.7 KB) presentation (464.6 KB)
  • Penkin Maxim

    International Atomic Energy Agency
    Senior safeguards analyst
    Vienna, Austria
    • P37.

      Statistical data evaluation for trace element analysis in nuclear safeguards

  • Pomerantsev Alexey

    Institute of Chemical Physics RAS
    Leading researcher
    Moscow, Russia
    • T09.

      PAT solution to the drug release prediction

      abstract (80.5 KB) presentation (2.4 MB)
    • T17.

      Another proof that chemometrics is usable: NIR confirmed by HPLC-DAD-MS and CE-UV (Coauthor)

  • Possokhov Yuri

    Eastern Research and Development Institute of Coal Chemistry
    Senior researcher
    Yekaterinburg, Russia
    • P12.

      Application of chemometric tools for coal calibration by DRIFT spectroscopy