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  • Heydorn Kaj

    Technical University of Denmark
    Roskilde, Denmark
    • T20.

      The impact of metrology on chemometrics — a historical challenge

      abstract (73.7 KB) presentation (734.7 KB)
  • Holm-Nielsen Jens Bo

    Aalborg University
    Associate Professor
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    • T10.

      Process Analytical Technology — monitoring of biogas processes at meso scale test biogas plants

      abstract (86.5 KB) presentation (2.1 MB)
  • Ihunegbo Felicia Nkem

    Telemark University College
    PhD student
    Porsgrunn, Norway
    • P07.

      Acoustic chemometrics and sampling for volume fractions determination in oil/gas flow

  • Jankevics Andris

    University of Groningen
    PhD student
    Groningen, Netherlands
    • T18.

      Quality control for large-scale LC-MS studies at runtime

      abstract (84.2 KB)
  • Kabanova Natalja

    Tallinn University of Technology
    PhD student
    Tallinn, Estonia
  • Kalambet Yuri

    Ampersand Ltd.
    General director
    Moscow, Russia
    • T05.

      Adaptive polynomial approximation of chromatographic peaks

      abstract (76.7 KB) presentation (514.1 KB)
    • P27.

      Internal standard calculations for non-linear detectors

    • P28.

      Reconstruction of out-of-range peaks using Exponentially Modified Gaussian peak shape

    • P29.

      Self-modelling factor analysis combined with analysis of the signal derivative for separation of incompletely separated chromatographic peaks

    • P31.

      Confidence interval for weighted polynomial calibrations

  • Khodyreva Nadezhda

    Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • T01.

      St. Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers: incorporation of chemometrics into its research and educational activities

      abstract (87.9 KB) presentation (491.8 KB)
  • Kirsanov Dmitry

    Saint Petersburg State University
    Senior researcher
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • T11.

      Beer quality assessment by hybrid spectroscopic-electrochemical technique

      abstract (89.3 KB) presentation (291.2 KB)
  • Korobova Elena

    Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS
    Scientific secretary
    Moscow, Russia
    • P41.

      Mathematical models and frequency histograms as a tool to study the structure of geochemical fields

  • Kucheryavskiy Sergey

    Aalborg University
    Assistant Professor
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    • P09.

      Classification of crystal drops images

    • P06.

      The estimation of age of human remains using soft modeling approach (Coauthor)

    • P08.

      Analysis of MRI images of a brain of patients with dementia using multivariate approach (Coauthor)