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  • Elyashberg Mikhail

    Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.
    Leading specialist
    Moscow, Russia
    • T04.

      Chasing molecules that were never there: misassigned molecular structures and the role of computer-aided systems in structure elucidation

      abstract (107.9 KB) presentation (772.5 KB)
  • Ermakov Vasiliy

    Samara State Technical University
    Samara, Russia
    • P14.

      Multivariate classification and discrimination of oil-slime depositories in accordance with their condition

  • Esbensen Kim

    Aalborg University
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    • L04.

      Cross-validation — a chemometric dinosaur going extinct

      abstract (86.1 KB) presentation (3.2 MB)
    • T10.

      Process Analytical Technology — monitoring of biogas processes at meso scale test biogas plants (Coauthor)

    • T13.

      PLS2 regression as a tool for selection of optimal analytical modality — a closer look at beer brewing process analysis with alternative spectroscopic data types (Coauthor)

  • Folkmane-Burgere Aelita

    BurgerMetrics SIA
    Project Manager
    Jelgava, Latvia
  • Giussani Barbara

    University of Insubria
    Como, Italy
    • P24.

      Chemical and isotopic tracers in copper deposits and ancient artefacts: a multivariate analysis approach to establish the provenance of materials

    • P21.

      Principal Component Analysis and Multi-way Analysis of tropospheric trace gases data in Lake Como area (Italy) during the period 1992–2007 (Coauthor)

  • Gorbatsova Jelena

    Tallinn University of Technology
    PhD student
    Tallinn, Estonia
  • Gowen Aoife

    University College Dublin
    Postdoc researcher
    Dublin, Irland
    • P18.

      A simple method for estimation of optimal dimensionality in PLS models based on regression vector features

  • Gulyaev Ivan

    Moscow State University
    PhD student
    Moscow, Russia
    • P25.

      Identification of unknowns based on structure data bases and computer simulation of mass-spectra

  • Halstensen Maths

    Telemark University College
    Associate Professor
    Porsgrunn, Norway
    • P01.

      Estimation of volume fractions in two-phase flow systems based on acoustic chemometric (Coauthor)

    • P07.

      Acoustic chemometrics and sampling for volume fractions determination in oil/gas flow (Coauthor)

  • Heberger Karoly

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    Scientific advisor
    Budapest, Hungary