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  • P21.

    A neural network approach for classification of Helicobacter Pylori based on national strains

    Karlik Bekir
  • P22.

    Acoustic emission usability in determining granule water content and granule size during fluidized bed granulation

    Matero Sanni, Reinikainen Satu-Pia
  • P23.

    Multivariate calibrations in atomic emission spectrometry for analysis of solid geological samples

    Shabanova Elena, Pavlov Sergey, Vasilyeva Irina
  • P24.

    Chemometric functions in Excel

    Rodionova Oxana, Pomerantsev Alexey
  • P25.

    Two atypical problems, which can be solved by projection methods

    Karpukhin Oleg
  • P26.

    IR spectroscopy and PCA applied for polymer sorting in the domestic waste

    Ryumina Nataliya, Mikhailov Evgeniy
  • P27.

    Metric on a set results chemical analysis

    Chuprina Boris