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  • P11.

    A study of spatial structure of the Chernobyl 137Cs contamination field in natural forest landscape

    Korobova Elena
  • P12.

    Genetic algorithm as a variable selection procedure for the simulation of 13c nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of flavonoids derivative using multiple linear regression

    Ghavami Raoof
  • P13.

    QSPR Models for predicting the environmentally relevant physicochemical properties of some organoiodine compounds from molecular topology using genetic-MLR and genetic-PLS

    Ghavami Raoof
  • P14.

    Solving classical statistical problems using non-statistical methods: analysis of variance and time trends modeling

    Zhilin Sergey
  • P15.

    Tree-electrode system of divided cells. Problem solving of drifts in voltammetric responses

    Zilberg Rufina, Bikmeev Denis
  • P16.

    Global Collaborative Knowledge System — is it possible?

    Milosz Elzbieta
  • P17.

    Data Mining as a Modern Method of Data Analysis

    Milosz Marek
  • P18.

    New results in applications of p-adic pseudo-differential equations to the protein dynamics

    Bikulov Albert
  • P19.

    Dissolution test of drug release: Uncertainty measurements

    Paakkunainen Maaret
  • P20.

    Quantitative assessment of glucose, methanol and ethanol contents in their mixture using biosensors and neuronet technologies

    Arlyapov Vyacheslav