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  • P01.

    Application of method PLS in the spectrophotometric analysis for simultaneous definitions of all substances in 2-6 plural-component mixes

    Vlasova Irina
  • P02.

    On the interesting property of Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution got with data mining. Some cross-disciplinary applications

    Prelov Vladimir
  • P03.

    Application of near infrared spectroscopy, acoustic chemometrics, and process sampling for on-line monitoring and control of biogas processes

    Madsen Michael
  • P04.

    The application of Multivariate Data Analysis at the evaluation of the macroeconomic factors' dominance over the transaction costs of vertically-integrated oil companies

    Klescheva Olga
  • P05.

    Multivariate standard addition method solved by net analyte signal calculations

    Hemmateenejad Bahram
  • P06.

    Spectrophotometric monitoring of drugs photodegradation by multivariate curve resolution methods

    Hemmateenejad Bahram
  • P07.

    The data processing method of multisensor system for natural water monitoring

    Morzhukhina Svetlana, Chulkova Alena, Shastova Nataliya
  • P08.

    The mechanism and kinetic model for enhancement of the initiating activity of three component photoinitiator systems in solid polymers

    Khavina Elizaveta
  • P09.

    Application of nonlinear PCR for optimization of the hybrid binder used in construction materials

    Starovoitova Irina, Pomerantsev Alexey, Rodionova Oxana
  • P10.

    Block-based approach to modelling of granulated fertilizers' quality

    Kohonen Jarno