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  • Marks Archie

    Richmond, USA
  • Marks Christopher

    Richmond, USA
  • Matero Sanni

    University of Kuopio
    PhD student
    Kuopio, Finland
    • P22.

      Acoustic emission usability in determining granule water content and granule size during fluidized bed granulation

  • Mikhailov Evgeniy

    Samara State Technical University
    PhD student
    Samara, Russia
    • P26.

      IR spectroscopy and PCA applied for polymer sorting in the domestic waste (Coauthor)

  • Milosz Elzbieta

    Lublin University of Technology
    Lublin, Poland
    • P16.

      Global Collaborative Knowledge System — is it possible?

  • Milosz Marek

    Lublin University of Technology
    Lublin, Poland
    • P17.

      Data Mining as a Modern Method of Data Analysis

  • Morzhukhina Svetlana

    State university “Dubna”
    Head of chemistry department
    Dubna, Russia
    • P07.

      The data processing method of multisensor system for natural water monitoring

  • Nikitin Evgeniy

    Bruker Ltd.
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Osokin Alexander

    Metal Company LLP
    Project manager
    Moscow, Russia
  • Osokin Anton

    Moscow State University
    Moscow, Russia