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  • Kohonen Jarno

    Lappeenranta University of Technology
    PhD student
    Lappeenranta, Finland
    • P10.

      Block-based approach to modelling of granulated fertilizers' quality

  • Korobova Elena

    Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS
    Scientific secretary
    Moscow, Russia
    • P11.

      A study of spatial structure of the Chernobyl 137Cs contamination field in natural forest landscape

  • Kucheryavskaya Elena

    Esbjerg, Denmark
  • Kucheryavskiy Sergey

    Aalborg University
    Assistant Professor
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    • L03.

      Image analysis in chemometrics

      abstract (77.0 KB) presentation (15.8 MB)
    • T07.

      Estimation of age in forensic medicine using multivariate data analysis (Coauthor)

  • Latypov Valeriy

    Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
    Head of department
    Ufa, Russia
  • Latypova Tatiana

    Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
    Deputy head of department
    Ufa, Russia
  • Loginova Evgeniya

    Moscow State University
    Moscow, Russia
  • Lygina Talia

    Institute of Geology of Industrial Minerals
    Kazan, Russia
  • Madsen Michael

    Aalborg University
    PhD student
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    • P03.

      Application of near infrared spectroscopy, acoustic chemometrics, and process sampling for on-line monitoring and control of biogas processes

  • Marini Federico

    Sapienza University of Rome
    Postdoc researcher
    Rome, Italy
    • T04.

      Coupling of spectroscopic, thermoanalytic and chemometric methods for the resolution of enantiomeric mixtures

      abstract (85.1 KB) presentation (1.8 MB)