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  • T01.

    Ecological assessment of waste fields with Principal Component Analysis — feasibility study

    Mikhailov Evgeniy, Rodionova Oxana, Tupicyna Olga
    abstract (80.6 KB) presentation (777.0 KB)
  • T02.

    Selection of estimated natural and waste water quality parameters for purifying plants projects

    Shuvalov Mikhail
    abstract (78.8 KB) presentation (280.5 KB)
  • T03.

    On sequential experimental design for empirical model-building under interval error

    Zhilin Sergey
    abstract (87.0 KB) presentation (1.3 MB)
  • T04.

    Using black and white models for classification of medical images

    Kucheryavskiy Sergey
    abstract (94.5 KB) presentation (1.8 MB)
  • T05.

    Two examples of chemometrics application in protein crystallography

    Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (87.8 KB) presentation (5.4 MB)
  • T08.

    The investigation of hetrosecdastic noise in multiway methods

    Khayamian Taghi
    abstract (86.7 KB) presentation (675.5 KB)
  • T09.

    Analysis of port wines using the electronic tongue. Assessment of port wine age and comparison with chemical analysis data

    Rudnitskaya Alisa
    abstract (91.6 KB) presentation (502.5 KB)
  • T10.

    The classification of aqueous solutions with the use of voltammetric system of divided cells and principal component analysis

    Sidelnikov Artem, Zilberg Rufina
    abstract (83.8 KB)
  • T11.

    Structurally aware approach to the interpretation of vibrational spectra

    Karpushkin Evgeny, Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (80.5 KB) presentation (1.3 MB)
  • T12.

    Real time diagnostics of technological processes and field equipment

    Rusinov Leon
    abstract (84.3 KB) presentation (571.5 KB)