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  • P10.

    Application of variables selection algorithm in wheat calibration

    Pekichev Anton, Pomerantsev Alexey
  • P11.

    Environmental monitoring of lake Saimaa, Finland

    Reinikainen Satu-Pia, Minkkinen Pentti
  • P12.

    Sorting of polymers according to the types by the method of near infrared spectroscopy

    Ryumina Nataliya
  • P13.

    Processing of data on biological film at a waste water treatment plant

    Shuvalov Roman, Strelkov Alexander
  • P14.

    Principal Component Analysis in research of ageing polymeric composite materials under the influence of UV-radiation and mechanical pressure

    Sulejmanov Alfred
  • P15.

    Chemometrics-based evaluation of man-caused formations' stability

    Tupicyna Olga
  • P16.

    Application of the multifactorial analysis in diagnostics of microbe ethiology diseases on the basis of laser fluorescent spectroscopy

    Vasiliev Eugene
  • P17.

    The application of the divided cells voltammetric system and the principal component analysis for the classification of fruit juices

    Zilberg Rufina