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  • Tupicyna Olga

    Samara State Technical University
    PhD student
    Samara, Russia
    • P15.

      Chemometrics-based evaluation of man-caused formations' stability

    • T01.

      Ecological assessment of waste fields with Principal Component Analysis — feasibility study (Coauthor)

  • Vasiliev Eugene

    General Physics Institute
    PhD student
    Moscow, Russia
    • P16.

      Application of the multifactorial analysis in diagnostics of microbe ethiology diseases on the basis of laser fluorescent spectroscopy

  • Zemtsov Nikolay

    Moscow State University
    PhD student
    Moscow, Russia
  • Zhilin Sergey

    Altai State University
    Barnaul, Russia
    • T03.

      On sequential experimental design for empirical model-building under interval error

      abstract (87.0 KB) presentation (1.3 MB)
  • Zilberg Rufina

    Bashkir State University
    PhD student
    Samara, Russia
    • P17.

      The application of the divided cells voltammetric system and the principal component analysis for the classification of fruit juices

    • T10.

      The classification of aqueous solutions with the use of voltammetric system of divided cells and principal component analysis (Coauthor)

  • Zuev Yury

    Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS
    Leading programmer
    Moscow, Russia