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  • P01.

    How long ago chemometrics was appearent in Russia?

    Granovsky Yury
  • P02.

    Multisensor analysis of amino acids

    Aristov Igor
  • P03.

    Analysis of apples varieties — comparison of Electronic Tongue with different analytical techniques

    Kirsanov Dmitry, Rudnitskaya Alisa
  • P04.

    Data Warehousing and Data Mining in Termochemistry of Free Radical Reactions

    Tumanov Vladimir
  • P05.

    Optimization of a Structure of a Composite Material by a Method of Data Analysis

    Sulejmanov Alfred
  • P06.

    The multisensor system for voltammetric analysis of multi-component mixtures of aromatic nitrocompounds

    Sidelnikov Artem
  • P07.

    Mathematic modeling of swelling degree for plastified rubbers in oil

    Petrova Natalya
  • P08.

    Prediction of the heating value of plant biomass from the elemental composition

    Varmuza Kurt
  • P09.

    What is a right approach to the educational process in area of chemometrics in universities?

    Adler Yuri, Granovsky Yury
  • P10.

    Program complex for simulation of chemical reactions in micellar systems

    Razumov Vladimir