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  • P10.

    Application of multivariate statistical methods to classification of metal ions according to their complexing properties

    Zernov Vladimir
  • P11.

    Multivariate methods for data processing in organic geochemistry

    Belitskaja Elena, Turov Yuri
  • P12.

    Range of relative bias as a criterion of calibration quality

    Shabanova Elena
  • P13.

    Modeling of data structure for multivariate calibration in atomic emission spectrometry

    Shabanova Elena
  • P14.

    Adaptive mathematical models of composition in analytical chemistry and earth sciences

    Turov Yuri, Belitskaja Elena
  • P15.

    Explanatory data analyses of fish-breeding in Siberian lakes. First forays

    Semenchenko Alexey, Pomerantsev Alexey, Rodionova Oxana