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  • T13.

    Application of wavelet neural networks in multivariate data analysis

    Khayamian Taghi
  • P01.

    Critical survey of mass reduction devices in practical sampling (industry and laboratory)

    Petersen Lars, Dahl Casper, Esbensen Kim
    presentation (605.6 KB)
  • P02.

    Image analytical sampling — prospects and limitations

    Dahl Casper, Esbensen Kim
    presentation (317.5 KB)
  • P03.

    Peculiarities of rubber-oil interaction under the conditions of cold climate

    Petrova Natalya
  • P04.

    Acoustic Chemometrics for determination of skim milk in water — preliminary results

    Kupyna Andriy
    presentation (125.1 KB)
  • P05.

    Chemometric investigation of polarization curves: further adventures

    Marks Christopher
    presentation (453.5 KB)
  • P06.

    Chemometric analysis of oils

    Safieva Rimma, Sunyaev Rustem
  • P07.

    System analysis and chemometrics of modern problems in common chemistry

    Slyusarenko Yevgeny
  • P08.

    Textural and mineralogical classification soils in national park “Plescheevo lake”

    Slyusarenko Yevgeny
  • P09.

    A data-driven classification of solvents used in extraction of organic compounds

    Zernov Vladimir