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  • Aristov Igor

    Voronezh State University
    Voronezh, Russia
    • T03.

      The “Electronic nose”: a multivariate approach

      presentation (1.4 MB)
  • Bogomolov Andrey

    Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.
    Project leader
    Moscow, Russia
    • T02.

      Software for interactive curve resolution using SIMPLISMA

      presentation (2.3 MB)
  • Bondarenko Alexander

    Belarusian State University
    PhD student
    Minsk, Belarus
    • T07.

      Inverse problem in potentiodynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

      presentation (844.5 KB)
  • Ergon Rolf

    Telemark University College
    Head of department
    Porsgrunn, Norway
    • T01.

      Informative score-loading biplot for monitoring of process with two response variables

  • Fernandez Pierna Juan

    Agricultural Research Centre of Gembloux
    Research assistant
    Gembloux, Belgium
    • T05.

      Hyperspectral infrared technique: the use of Support Vector Machines (SVM) in large data sets

  • Khayamian Taghi

    Isfahan Univesrsity of Technology
    Associate professor
    Isfahan, Iran
    • T13.

      Application of wavelet neural networks in multivariate data analysis

  • Kubicka David

    Abo Akademi University
    PhD student
    Abo, Finland
    • T12.

      Application of pattern recognition methods in analysis of complex hydrocarbon mixtures to improve the quality of kinetic data

  • Kucheryavskiy Sergey

    Altai State University
    Barnaul, Russia
    • T06.

      The analysis of fracture surfaces of porous metal materials using AMT and fractal geometry methods

      presentation (2.7 MB)
  • Rudnitskaya Alisa

    Saint Petersburg State University
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • T04.

      Application of chemometrics for data processing of the electronic tongue

      presentation (1.2 MB)
  • Rusinov Leon

    Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • T09.

      Adaptation of calibration models while transferring within series of IR-spectrometers

    • T10.

      Features of practical realization of transferring of calibration models from a master — device on working NIR — analyzers, for the base wheat indexes analysis (Coauthor)