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  • Turov Yuri

    Institute of Petroleum Chemistry
    Tomsk, Russia
    • P14.

      Adaptive mathematical models of composition in analytical chemistry and earth sciences

    • P11.

      Multivariate methods for data processing in organic geochemistry (Coauthor)

  • van der Weerd Jaap

    Imperial College
    Research associate
    London, United Kingdom
    • T11.

      FTIR imaging and multivariate analysis of drug release from controlled release pharmaceutical formulations

  • Varmuza Kurt

    Vienna University of Technology
    Vienna, Austria
    • L04.

      Global and local chemometric models of spectra-structure relationships

  • Zernov Vladimir

    Moscow State University
    Moscow, Russia
    • P09.

      A data-driven classification of solvents used in extraction of organic compounds

    • P10.

      Application of multivariate statistical methods to classification of metal ions according to their complexing properties

  • Zharinov Anatoly

    Lumex, Ltd.
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • T09.

      Adaptation of calibration models while transferring within series of IR-spectrometers (Coauthor)

    • T10.

      Features of practical realization of transferring of calibration models from a master — device on working NIR — analyzers, for the base wheat indexes analysis (Coauthor)