• T01.

    Pair-wise t-Test and analysis of variances

    Vago Emese
    presentation (130.0 KB)
  • T02.

    Dynamical mechanical analysis of polymer composite materials

    Filistovich Denis
  • T03.

    The problem of genetic regulation and the structure of experimental data

    Pomerantseva Ekaterina
  • T04.

    Fractal analysis of the deformation structure of porous pseudoalloys

    Kucheryavskiy Sergey
  • T05.

    Frost resistance materials for machines and mechanisms used in the northern region

    Petrova Natalya
  • T06.

    Using multivariate calibrations for direct atomic emission analysis

    Shabanova Elena
  • T07.

    Mutual peak matching in a series of HPLC/DAD mixture analysis

    Bogomolov Andrey
    abstract (93.6 KB)
  • T08.

    Chemometric investigation of polarization curves

    Marks Christopher
    presentation (271.0 KB)