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  • Berger Sergey

    ZAO “Mezhotraslevoi Centr”
    Barnaul, Russia
  • Bogomolov Andrey

    Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.
    Project leader
    Moscow, Russia
    • T07.

      Mutual peak matching in a series of HPLC/DAD mixture analysis

      abstract (93.6 KB)
  • Esbensen Kim

    Aalborg University
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    • L02.

      Relationships between sampling, analysis and chemometrics

    • L08.

      Proper validation — the most important thing in calibration

    • L09.

      Introduction to the AMT-technique

  • Filistovich Denis

    Altai State University
    PhD student
    Barnaul, Russia
    • T02.

      Dynamical mechanical analysis of polymer composite materials

  • Kucheryavskiy Sergey

    Altai State University
    Assistant Professor
    Barnaul, Russia
    • T04.

      Fractal analysis of the deformation structure of porous pseudoalloys

  • Marks Christopher

    University of Virginia
    Laboratory supervisor
    Charlottesville, USA
    • T08.

      Chemometric investigation of polarization curves

      presentation (271.0 KB)
  • Minkkinen Pentti

    Lappeenranta University of Technology
    Lappeenranta, Finland
    • L01.

      Practical applications of sampling theory

      presentation (1.1 MB)
    • L07.

      Environmental applications of chemometrics

      presentation (1.6 MB)
  • Palyulin Vladimir

    Moscow State University
    Leading researcher
    Moscow, Russia
    • L03.

      QSAR/QSPR methodology: past, present and future

  • Petrova Natalya

    Institute of Non-Metallic Materials
    Laboratory manager
    Yakutsk, Russia
    • T05.

      Frost resistance materials for machines and mechanisms used in the northern region

  • Pomerantsev Alexey

    Institute of Chemical Physics RAS
    Senior researcher
    Moscow, Russia
    • L04.

      Successive Bayesian estimation for linear and non-linear modeling

      presentation (1.8 MB)