• L01.

    Introduction to the chemometric approach

    Esbensen Kim
  • L02.

    Introduction to multivariate calibration

    Geladi Paul
  • L03.

    Multivariate Image Analysis

    Geladi Paul
  • L04.

    Multivariate statistical process control

    Esbensen Kim
  • L05.

    Simple Interval Calculation (SIC) — a new bi-linear modelling method

    Rodionova Oxana
    presentation (647.5 KB)
  • L06.

    Non-linear regression analysis with “Fitter” applications

    Pomerantsev Alexey
    presentation (780.5 KB)
  • P04.

    The educational computer system for the design of experiments

    Granovsky Yury
    abstract (71.1 KB)